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Philip Z. Willis

Born October 28, 1976.

Hometown, Medina/ Jackson, TN.

"At a young age while squirrel hunting with my granddaddy, Edward Coleman, I started my journey as an artist. He taught me how to see light and how shadows are formed. Painting to me is a visual diary of life. It has been my path, sometimes rocky - sometimes paved."

Throughout Philip's career on this path, all in inspiration and experience for art, for art's sake....he has been labeled in some groups as a true 'outsider' artist conforming to no specific category. While attending The Art Institute of Chicago, for a reason to experience a true blood and bone city, and the main reason, being a scholarship based solely on his portfolio, Philip gathered an abundance of his inspiration from the connection of the country living, corn and trees to the city concrete and streets. For this has been the fuel for his subjects over the last 20 years of his work.

Philip has often been told to pick one of his many series, one of his extensive styles and elaborate it to death. He has so many styles, voices and stories to share with the world, he will not limit himself to one grandiose style. Philip works for the people.

"I want to cater to all styles of people and their imagination. The most important aspect of my work is to help those who have a vision, and to bring it to life through paint, in whatever medium desired."

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