Philip Willis - Bringing your visions to life
From the age I could hold a pen I was sketching and drawing. It was something that simply amazed me. I was a fairly normal kid, enjoyed playing sports...getting into any and everything. Loved seeing something new constantly, which has carried out throughout my career as an artist. I create worlds to experience something new and adventurous everyday.  When I sit down in front of a massive canvas, I own existance...I feel closest to the unknown bliss more than ever. Painting is always a journey for me. I travel through worlds full of mystery with characters and landscapes to be seen with fresh eyes.  I am always searching, always practicing these great self indulged sub-realities through my works. Painting is my life, it is my voice, it is the reason I am who I am.
Thanks for checking out a small portion of my world...the best is always, yet to come!
Philip Willis
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